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Interior Design Maintenance : Wall

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The vibe of a room could highly influence by the interior design. If you love the interior design of your space, you might want to keep it maintained and optimize overtime. Thus, maintenance and rejuvenation are something you should consider to do to keep your space interior design nice and neat.

Besides, keeping the interior design optimal, maintenance and rejuvenation will keep you from spending more in the future. This might happen with poorly maintained space, so small damages are often overlooked, piling up causing bigger constructional problem in the future, affecting the interior design. When it happens, you might have no other choice than do some major renovation which cost you some time, effort and money,

One of the most important part of a room is its wall. Dust and dirt are often found sticking on the wall. Too many, it might affect the overall looks of the interior design of the room. Thus, this article has some tips for you, so that you can get some ideas about how to take care of your wall. Let’s get into it.

1. Sweeping and Brushing

Even it is indoor, the wall might still be caught some dust and dirt from your daily activities. Sometimes you might even find some amount of dust piling up and forming some kind of dust web, sticking on the top of the wall, touching the ceiling.

Similar to floor, to get rid of dust, wall should be sweep regularly. You can also brush it to remove dry dirt on the wall surface. As for dust and dirt on the higher place, you could reach it using pole-sweep.

2. Wiping

As for stains on the wall, you can remove it with water or water-based cleanser. After applying it, rub the spot with cloth until the stain disappear. Then, wipe the excess moisture with dry cloth.

3. Re-Paint & Re-Paste Wallpaper

Overtime, both paint and wallpaper might flake off or the color might fade away. That is why you might want to consider repainting and repasting a new wallpaper. In a way, it will ‘rejuvenate’ your wall, and new paint or wallpaper might bring a new vibe to the room. Just make sure that the new paint and wallpaper match the interior design of the room.

That was some tips of wall maintenance. Hopefully, it will work great for you. So, your wall will keep clean and neat. Other than that, after you did interior design on your space, you can consult with your interior designer about how to take care of the wall. They might have some ideas about wall maintenance that you might want consider to apply on your wall.

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