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Furniture & Interior Design : Bathroom

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Bathroom is one of the most common part of the house to be renovate and decorate. For most, a clean bathroom is a must. However, a well-designed bathroom might become your new favorite spot in the house for you to spend your time relaxing and taking care of yourself.

Usually, when you move in into a new space, the bathroom is plain or only a few simple furniture has been provided. Surely this condition might not be optimal in supporting your family activities. That is why it is very common for home owners to renovate and decorate their new bathroom with new interior design and furniture.

Thus, for those new home owners who planned to renovate your bathroom, it’s better for you to look up some information on this article about how interior design can turn your bathroom into the optimal one. Let’s get into it.

1. Shower Box & Bathtub

In general, shower box can be defined as a bathing space in a bathroom that has some partition forming a booth, so when you’re taking a bath, the excess water won’t be splashing out of the booth. In most modern interior design style, the booth is usually made of glass or even simpler one it can be screen by a water proof curtain. Shower box best for modern or minimalistic interior design, especially for smaller size bathroom.

As for traditional luxurious interior design, bathtub will work perfectly. There are a lot of bathtub varieties, varies in design and detail. There are also some bathtubs equipped with additional technology such as whirlpool and UV. The most common materials for bathtub are porcelain, acrylic or fiberglass. These materials are water resistant, makes the bathtub easier to clean.

2. Toilet

Maybe there are only some minor changes can be done to the toilet, the structure is almost universal. But do you know that choosing the right size toilet is crucial for your bathroom layout?

Even though, all toilet looks similar, it might actually have different dimension. The most important thing in choosing toilet is for you to know precisely how big of a toilet that could fit in given space in the bathroom and which size is most likely feels more comfortable for you.

3. Wash-table

Beside bathtub, wash-table is also quite dynamic in design and shape, even with more possibility of unique design. As for the sink, the common-use material are porcelain and acrylic. Other variations like glass, stone and steel also can be use as more distinctive detail.

As for the body or cabinet under the sink, it can be made of almost any material with various design. The most common are wood, stone, acrylic and many more as long as it aesthetically fits the interior design of the bathroom. And for the top table, stone like granite is one of the most common, mainly because it has water resistant surface.

4. Bathroom Cabinet

This is a cabinet installed on the wall above the bathroom sink. On the face is a mirror. It functions as a storage and a mirror. The design usually made identical to the cabinet under the sink, matching the main interior design concept. As additional detail, you can add a few drop-light, it can also help to give you some lighting.

The article has given us the general overview of furniture and interior design of the bathroom. Based on the given information, you should have better idea of what interior design and furniture is the best for you. Please note that at least you should have a rough concept of the interior design you want, to help you choose the furniture for your bathroom.

Thus, before you decide, it’s better to consult with professional interior designer. They can suggest you some good and interesting ideas for you to consider.

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