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Furniture & Interior Design : Living Room

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Living room is one of the most common part of the house to be renovate and decorate. Make a quality time with your family more fun in more comfortable living room. Also, a living room with better interior design can elevate the room atmosphere or even the entire space.

Usually, when you move in into a new space, the living room is plain or only a few simple furniture has been provided. Surely this condition might not be optimal in supporting your family activities. That is why it is very common for home owners to renovate and decorate their new living room with new interior design and furniture.

Thus, for those new home owners who planned to renovate your living room, it’s better for you to look up some information on this article about how interior design can turn your living room into the optimal one. Let’s get into it.

1. Couch

Nothing feels better than drown yourself in a couch watching your favorite TV show after a long day. Like most home, couch is a major piece of the living room, which also called TV room.

There are actually two kind of these type of chair, which are couch and sofa. Sofa has a surface made of some cushions; it is intended for a single person to fit on it. While couch is simply a horizontally longer sofa that can fits by more than one person. Usually, both couch and sofa are positioned surrounding a table. Couch is placed facing the TV, while sofa is on the sides of the table, facing sideways.

Sofa and couch can be designed in a lot of ways. However, it often varies in the design of the skin rather than structure or its dimension. If you have a customized couch, you can choose your own skin material, color and detail for your couch. Thus, you can match the design of the couch with the interior design of the living room.

2. Credenza & TV Panel

Standing TV is often placed on a TV cabinet, which also called credenza. It can also be mounted on a panel, which is a set of partition installed on the wall with a certain design, on the center of it is a space for mount the TV.

Both the credenza and TV panel can be part of the interior design of the room. You can match the design of the credenza and TV panel with the interior design.

3. Table

This type of table is not the same as dining table. Living room table is often called coffee table. It is shorter than dining table so it won’t get in a way when you are watching TV. The main function of the coffee table is to place some stuffs that you want to reach easily, such as remote or snacks.

Customized coffee table has various design. It can be a freestyle design, random structure and dimension. It can be made so unique and artistic so it can also function as decorative piece in the room.

4. Shelf

Since it’s a family space, there should be a lot of photograph and other personal stuffs that hold precious memories in it. If you want to safe some space in displaying your personal stuffs, rather than placing a display cabinet in the room, you can install some shelf on the wall. Besides safe space and money, shelf can also function as a additional detail for the interior design.

The article has given us the general overview of furniture and interior design of the living room. Based on the given information, you should have better idea of what interior design and furniture is the best for you. Please note that at least you should have a rough concept of the interior design you want, to help you choose the furniture for your living room.

Thus, before you decide, it’s better to consult with professional interior designer. They can suggest you some good and interesting ideas for you to consider.

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