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Type of Interior Design Fixture : Glass

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Glass is one of the most crucial fixtures that needed to support daily activities. Beside its main function, glass can also become a crucial decorative fixture that can add more detail to the whole interior design. In that case, its important for us to choose the right type of glass to elevate the aesthetical value of the interior design of the space.

There are a lot of glass type with different specification. Which each type has its own function, advantage and its trade-off, depending on how it uses in the interior design.

So, if you want to get more information about the types of glass before you decide to buy one, this article might be able to help you to understand a little bit better about the use of different types of glass for interior design. Let’s begin.

1. Annealed Glass

This is the most common glass that you can found everywhere. Its usually use for windows. Annealed glass is clear and transparent, allowing sunlight to get through into the room.

2. Colored Glass

Its often called as rayban glass. This type of glass is also transparent. However, it has variety of different colors, which able to decrease the input of sunlight into the room.

3. Stained Glass

Similar to colored glass, stained glass also has various colors. It made of glass pieces that has been put together using lead or brass. Stained glass is often use as decorative and accent.

4. Fluted Glass

Even it also clear and transparent, fluted glass often use to blur the vision. This is because fluted glass has some texture and certain pattern, so its suitable both as design detail and to minimize the sunlight input.

5. Tempered Glass

In the making process, tempered glass is heated at 700oC, using conduction, convection and radiation. Creating a different property between its surface and inner part. Tempered glass is suitable to use in higher places that often exposed to more pressure and wind.

6. Laminated Glass

Compare to other type of glass, laminated glass has stronger durability. It is made thicker, so it will be strong enough to be use in the main building structure.

7. One Way Mirrored Glass

It is made transparent in one side, so the person from one side can see through but the person from the other side can’t. Usually, this type of mirror is use for the room with more privacy.

After reading the passage above, we hope you will get some information that you can use for a reference in choosing the most suitable glass for your interior design. Please note that these types of glass are just some of many other types.

Thus, before you decide, it’s better to consult with professional interior designer. They can suggest you some good and interesting ideas for you to consider.

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