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Type of Interior Design Fixture : Lights

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Light bulb is one of the most important fixtures, it is one of the most use artificial light source. Beside it main function, lights can also become a crucial decorative fixture that can add more detail to the whole interior design. In that case, its important for us to choose the right type of light to elevate the aesthetical value of the interior design of the space.

There are a lot of lights type with different specification. Which each type has its own function, advantage and its trade-off, depending on how it uses in the interior design.

So, if you want to get more information about the types of lights before you decide to buy one, this article might be able to help you to understand a little bit better about the use of different types of light for interior design. Let’s begin.

1. Incandescent

This is one of the oldest types of bulb. Heat flows into the wire until its ‘glow’. However, incandescent bulb has short life span, it broke easily. So, it should be changing every few months. As for interior design, incandescent bulb might serve as decorative fixture.

2. LED (Light Emitting Diode)

Contrary to the incandescent bulb, LED can work for 50.000 – 100.000 hours. It also produces good quality of light. This makes LED considered as an efficient type of bulb, although LED has price above other types of bulb.

3. Halogen

This is one of type of bulb that emits the brightest light, suitable for decorative lamp and spot light. The bulb uses a gas matter called halogen. It has longer life span than incandescent bulb. With brighter light, halogen bulb can be use for almost anywhere, ever outdoor.

4. CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light)

When the switch flips on, it took 30 – 180 seconds for CFL to reach its brightest point. Then it will reduce the energy use by 70% less than incandescent bulb. It works longer too. The produce light quality is similar to incandescent bulb, suitable for interior use.

5. HID (High Intensity Discharge)

Beside halogen, HID also uses gas in its mechanism. This type of light known for its efficiency and could works quite long. Most of the time, HID can be found installed on the ceiling of larger size room, such as warehouse, stadium, gym. The light from far above the should be able to reach the room.

6. Hybrid Halogen CFL

It is a combination of incandescent, CFL and halogen. It has bulb shaped like incandescent, with inside bulb made of CFL and halogen. The light quality is similar to halogen with long usage hour, suitable for indoor use.

After reading the passage above, we hope you will get some information that you can use for a reference in choosing the most suitable lights for your interior design. Please note that these types of lights are just some of many other types.

Thus, before you decide, it’s better to consult with professional interior designer. They can suggest you some good and interesting ideas for you to consider.

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