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Type of Interior Design Furniture : Chair

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Chair is one of the must have item on every living space. Beside it main function, chair can also become a crucial decorative Furniture that can add more detail to the whole interior design. In that case, its important for us to choose the right type of chair to elevate the aesthetical value of the interior design of the space.

There are a lot of chair type with different specification. Which each type has its own function, advantage and its trade-off, depending on how it uses in the interior design.

So, if you want to get more information about the types of chair before you decide to buy one, this article might be able to help you to understand a little bit better about the use of different types of chair for interior design. Let’s begin.

1. Side Chair

Is one of the most simplistic chair models, which you can find it everywhere. It often used complementary to dining table. There is a chair, backrest, but no arm rest, providing more free space.

2. Sofa & Sofabed

There are actually two kind of these type of chair, which are couch and sofa. Sofa has a surface made of some cushions; it is intended for a single person to fit on it. While couch is simply a horizontally longer sofa that can fits by more than one person. Usually, both couch and sofa are positioned surrounding a table. Couch is placed facing the TV, while sofa is on the sides of the table, facing sideways.

3. Arm Chair

It can be described as side chair with arm rests. This type of chair fits almost every kind of space. It is nice to have one if you’re often spend some time on the chair, the arm rests will support your arms while you’re doing activities.

4. Stool

Often found in café, bar and restaurant. The chair is positioned higher than regular chair, which can be adjusted as well. Nowadays, a lot of design start to use stool in living space as dining chair.

5. Office Chair

It was designed to provide comfort for those who spend long hours sitting on a chair. The chair itself can rotate 360o horizontally with hydraulic tool for height adjustment. It the tip of the legs are small wheels, enabling the chair to move around. With these specification, no wonder the office chair is favored by many to support working activities.

After reading the passage above, we hope you will get some information that you can use for a reference in choosing the most suitable chair for your interior design. Please note that these types of chair are just some of many other types.

Thus, before you decide, it’s better to consult with professional interior designer. They can suggest you some good and interesting ideas for you to consider.

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