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Types of Interior Flooring : Ceramic & Stone

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Choosing the right type of flooring for interior design is crucial, since the choice of flooring used in interior design will significantly affecting the design theme. Therefore, it is important for you to choose the right type of flooring that match the interior design perfectly.

Besides the aesthetic aspect of flooring, other determining factor to consider in choosing your floor is the characteristics of the floor itself. These characteristics will determine how is the floor feel to the touch and how to maintain and take care each type of floor.

Ceramic and stone flooring are commonly use in interior design in Indonesia. Thus, to get a better understanding, let us talk more about types of ceramic and stone interior flooring that often use in interior design in Indonesia :


Most living space in Indonesia have ceramic tiling as default. Ceramic tiles are made from clay as the main ingredient, mixed with shale, and shaped into certain mold with particular designed texture on the surface. Then, the tiles are baked to harden.

There are 5 types of ceramic tiles that often applied in interior design in Indonesia, these are:

- Basic Ceramic

This type of ceramic is the most used. If you lived in Indonesia, you should be familiar with this one. This type of ceramic tile is that one white colored and sleek tile flooring you always seen in almost every houses.

- Porcelain Ceramic

There is a basic similarity between Basic Ceramic and Porcelain Ceramic. Both ceramic have sleek and light reflective surface. But, in general porcelain reflects more light, therefore it looks more shiny than basic ceramic. There are also some types of porcelain that are made to looks not shiny nor sleek.

- Pavers Ceramic

It is intentionally made not sleek, even mat, but still water resistant. Pavers ceramic tile has rustic stone like looks. Since pavers ceramic tile is not sleek and water resistant is also often used in outdoor, even pool, pond and garage.

- Quarry Ceramic

Same as pavers ceramic, quarry ceramic also has mat surface. Baked at very high temperature, quarry ceramic has highest durability. The surface looks very natural, red-brownish just like stones.

- Mosaic Ceramic

An arrangement of tiny various tiles, often use has accent, even can be applied on wall and bathroom too.

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Marble flooring is often use in interior design to create a luxurious and majestic atmosphere. Made of natural stone, marble has natural complexion and astonishing veins, with brownish colors. Here are 2 types of most use marble in Indonesia :

- Natural Marble

This type of marble is the most common marble found in Indonesia, especially in luxurious larger size room, like in a hotel lobby. The surface is shiny with visible unique veins. The surface is water resistant but quite slippery and cold when it wet. Natural Marble floor should be maintained periodically every 4-5 years to prevent stains.

- Travertine Marble

The difference with Natural Marble is that Travertine Marble is made of layering limestone and minerals around hot springs. Thus, Travertine Marble has various distinctive colors and patterns which differs between Travertine Marble depends on the mineral composition that formed it, most likely creating brownish or greyish color with reddish and golden veins. The appearance is quite eye catching, therefore Travertine Marble also used in outdoor. It’s important that Travertine Marble is given more intensive care than Natural Marble.

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Granite mainly made of quartz, potasium, and sodium, with some other minerals. Granite Floor also has similar surface like marble. The surface is sleek and shiny, also resists water and easy to clean. Therefore, Granite also often used for kitchen top table.

The use of Granite in interior design is for creating luxurious and majestic atmosphere, yet still maintaining the natural vibe.

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Quite unique, Terrazzo Floor made of the mixture of stones fragment, like marble and granite, mix with sand, then given a coating on the surface for shinier effect, creating such unique and artsy look with shiny surface. Compare to other stone floors, Terrazzo Floor is the easiest to clean and the maintenance is simple, since Terrazzo Floor is resists water and stain. Moreover, Terrazzo Floor has such classic accent, easy to fit either traditional and modern interior design.

The article has given us the general overview of each types of ceramic and stone flooring. Based on the given information, you should have better idea of what types of flooring suits your interior design best. Please note that at least you should have a rough concept of the interior design you want, to help you choose the type of floor you want to apply.

Thus, before you fixed your floor of choice, it’s better to consult with professional interior designer. They can suggest you some good and interesting ideas for you to consider.

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