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Types of Interior Flooring : Synthetic

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Choosing the right type of flooring for interior design is crucial, since the choice of flooring used in interior design will significantly affecting the design theme. Therefore, it is important for you to choose the right type of flooring that match the interior design perfectly.

Besides the aesthetic aspect of flooring, other determining factor to consider in choosing your floor is the characteristics of the floor itself. These characteristics will determine how is the floor feel to the touch and how to maintain and take care each type of floor.

Synthetic flooring is commonly use in interior design in Indonesia. Thus, to get a better understanding, let us talk more about types of synthetic interior flooring that often use in interior design in Indonesia:


In Indonesia, carpet is often use for hotel, office and other public places rather that use in home. There are various types of carpet differentiate by characteristic, color, material, texture and detail. This variations makes carpet quite easy to match to the interior design.

Carpet is mainly made out of wool, and mixed with some synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester and polypropylene. These materials is processed and modified in various ways to create different characteristics for each different types of carpet.

Sure we all agree that maintanance is very crucial for carpet. Having porous surface and water absorbant, makes carpet humid easily, yet dirt and odor are tend to stick as well. Also, if the carpet was damaged, changing the damaged part sure needs an extra care and precision.

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Even though it is quite new, in a short period of time, vinyl has been well recognized and often use in many interior designs in Indonesia. Easy to install, minimal maintenance and affordable, these are the main reasons vinyl is favored by a lot of people in Indonesia. As for interior designers and contractors, vinyl is also preferable because of its material properties. Its flexible, durable, easy to install and resists water. There are various colors and details as well, it gave a lot of options for interior designer in matching the floor with the interior design.

However, besides all of those good traits, vinyl also has some draw backs, which important for you to know, so you can take into your consideration.

Basically, the body of vinyl is thinner and lighter. This property sure makes vinyl more flexible, but it also makes it sensitive to temperature change, especially high temperature. If vinyl is use as a cover for dining table, in the long run the vinyl will blister up because of the heat from the dishes. Vinyl is easily got scratch, so make sure to be more careful when moving furniture and wearing shoes with rough sole or high heel when you step on the vinyl floor.

As for interior designer, the main concern when using vinyl is that some vinyl products have appearance that looks less natural compared to solid hardwood or stone floor.

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If you’re looking for eco-friendly flooring, linoleum might be your best option. Made of linseed oil, resin and cork mixed with mineral such as calcium carbonate, these materials are biodegradable.

In terms of color and detail, linoleum floor tends to have lighter color and complex details. However, not every type of linoleum floor has plastic coated surface, rather the details are directly molded to all parts of the floor. Thus, linoleum floor has less varieties compare to vinyl.

Moreover, since not all types of linoleum floor are plastic coated on the surface, making the uncoated one more sensitive of water and humidity. Therefore, it’s best to use this type of linoleum floor for rooms that unlikely to be exposed to water.

As for maintenance, linoleum floor is easy to clean. Sticking dirt and stain can be removed easily. That’s why linoleum floor is often use in public places.

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Similar to linoleum floor, rubber floor also more often used in public places, especially in hospital, gym, running track and kid’s playground. Rubber floor is best use in these places because its resists water and the surface are mat, making slip-proof. Rubber floor is sound-proof as well, making it also perfect for library, kitchen and commercial places. Moreover, rubber floor also heat-proof, means it can be use outdoor as well.

Rubber floor are often mixed with colorful pebble size material in the production process to give it more color and details, also firming it better and intensify the its slip-proof property.

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The article has given us the general overview of each types of synthetic flooring. Based on the given information, you should have better idea of what types of flooring suits your interior design best. Please note that at least you should have a rough concept of the interior design you want, to help you choose the type of floor you want to apply.

Thus, before you fixed your floor of choice, it’s better to consult with professional interior designer. They can suggest you some good and interesting ideas for you to consider.

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