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Types of Interior Wall : Stone & Ceramic

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Choosing the right type of wall covering for interior design is crucial, since the choice of wall covering used in interior design will significantly affecting the design theme. Therefore, it is important for you to choose the right type of wall covering that match the interior design perfectly.

Besides the aesthetic aspect of wall covering, other determining factor to consider in choosing your wall cover is the characteristics of the wall cover itself. These characteristics will determine how is the wall cover feel to the touch and how to maintain and take care each type of wall cover.

Stone and ceramic wall covering are commonly use in interior design in Indonesia. Thus, to get a better understanding, let us talk more about types of stone and ceramic interior wall covering that often use in interior design in Indonesia:

Cinder Brick

Usually, cinder brick is use for building foundation. However, what most people yet don’t know, cinder brick can also be used for interior design purpose. In interior design, cinder brick can be used for wall and flooring. But, not all types of cinder brick are suitable for interior design. In this article we will only discuss about the one that often use for interior design, which is exposed cinder brick.

Exposed cinder brick is made of cement mixed with sand. On industrial style interior design, exposed cinder brick is use to create factory-like look and makes the room looks rougher. That is why, exposed cinder bricks no need any kind of coating on tit surface to maintain the natural looks and strong rough texture.

Red Brick

Similar to cinder brick, red brick is also intentionally exposed to show it natural textured surface. Unlike cinder brick, almost every types of red brick can be applied in interior design, let us discuss about it :

- Basic Red Brick

This is the most common one, the kind of red brick that use for building construction. You might see it use quite often in many interior designs as accent. The surface is rough and porous, which is the main attraction of it.

- Exposed Red Brick

Looks neater with smoother texture, as well as the color is more even to one another. Exposed red brick is made to serve as decoration.

- Terracotta Red Brick

Similar to exposed red brick, but this type is more specialized for interior design. It has even smoother surface and gaps among bricks are tighter that exposed red brick. It is also quite easiest to install, just paste it into the wall using cement.

Exposed Concrete

Nowadays, there are tons of café, restaurant and coffee shop has an interior design using exposed concrete as its wall. It has become a trend for minimalist and modern style interior design. When its applied with the right interior design with right lighting, exposed concrete wall truly can be an aesthetic piece of attraction.

Even it called exposed concrete, however the surface of the concrete has been covered with cement. This cement is smooth textured and intentionally exposed without any coverage. As for maintenance, especially in public places such as restaurant, the cement surface is coated so it will become even smoother, makes it easier to clean.

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Often use in kitchen and bathroom since the surface is easy to clean and resists water. As for the looks, ceramic offers a lot of variations of color, shapes, texture and size.

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The article has given us the general overview of each types of stone and ceramic wall covering. Based on the given information, you should have better idea of what types of wall covering suits your interior design best. Please note that at least you should have a rough concept of the interior design you want, to help you choose the type of wall cover you want to apply.

Thus, before you fixed your wall cover of choice, it’s better to consult with professional interior designer. They can suggest you some good and interesting ideas for you to consider.

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